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You are looking for an idea for your Christmas party or kick-off event? Simply giving out vouchers is not enough for you? Let us organise a cozy get together in the form of a virtual event for your team!

We have prepared a few programme ideas for you. To learn more, please click on the following link: Hybrid and Online Events download. In addition to the set-up of the studios, we are happy to take over the direction and complete handling of the live broadcast. We offer solutions for almost every budget.


 Header Online Team Escape

A very special and novel development is our Online Team Escape, which we would like to introduce to you here:

The Online Team Escape Event is a wonderful addition to your next online meeting, Christmas party or kick-off event. Especially in times of corona, home-office and social-distancing the moments spent together with colleagues are often missed out. With our Online Team Escape you and your colleagues don't have to miss out on shared experiences. This event is ideally suited to bring your employees together virtually and create new motivation.

We have received very positive feedback after our previous events. Here is a short excerpt:

"A refreshing way to start or loosen up an online meeting".

Gabi (personnel manager)

"You get to know your colleagues better - from a different point of view."

Max (project manager)

"It's great so see the colleagues again and experience something together."

Markus (office manager)


Procedure: In the Online Team Escape, every individual is important and at the same time teamwork is required. In small groups, the participants try to escape the mad professor and solve various puzzles. Can the teams do this within the given time? The participants sit at home or in the office in front of their PCs or laptops and are connected via a video conference tool. After a short introduction, the participants are divided into small groups (3-6 persons each) by our game masters. Each team gets its own virtual room where all participants can communicate with each other via video and chat. The rules are explained briefly, then the story begins, and the time starts running. The teams have one hour to solve the tasks and puzzles while beeing observed by our game masters the whole time. They provide assistance if the teams get stuck. At the end of the time, all participants will find their way back together. At the end, there is a certificate which shows that all teams have worked on a big whole. After the event, the participants can stay in front of the PC, exchange ideas and drink a mulled wine or punch together.

Technical requirements: For our Online Team Escape Event the participants need a PC or laptop, speakers and a microphone (even better: a headset) as well as a stable internet connection. In addition, the use of a computer mouse is recommended, as it makes some tasks easier to solve. The company's internal program or zoom can be used as a video conference tool.


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact our team at box@efgmbh.at.

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