iPad Rally Seefeld

Find the unicorn with your team!

Do you want to thank your employees for the excellent accomplishments and teamwork? Or do you want to offer your partners and customers a great and unforgettable experience in a breath-taking location? We have good news for you, because the iPad Rally in Seefeld offers exactly what you are looking for! It does not matter whether you are coming with your whole company for an offsite event or it is an incentive event – this teambuilding experience is a real adventure and will surely be remembered for a long time!

Seefeld in Tyrol is known for its breath-taking mountain views, the huge variety of sports and leisure activities and the unicorn, which is the heraldic animal of the village. The main goal of the iPad Rally Seefeld is to find the unicorn by solving tricky-witty tasks and fun challenges. During the iPad Rally Seefeld, the participants learn a lot about the unique history of the village which should not be underestimated – the Olympic Winter Games and the Nordic Ski World Championship took already place in Seefeld several times! The location is extraordinary with all the hiking trails and gorgeous mountain views.

The route of the iPad Rally Seefeld not only shows the most important sightseeing sites in Seefeld, but also leads to the hidden places and spots you shouldn’t miss. The unicorn hides most likely in one of those secret spots! The tasks which should be completed by the teams vary and can be selected in advance – we can prepare mini games, knowledge questions and photo/video challenges for example. The team members can communicate among each other and with our guide during the digital scavenger hunt. This way, they can place some gags or gadgets for the opposing teams – by ‘bursting’ their iPad screen for instance. The digital iPad Rally Seefeld is interactive, which means that every team sees exactly which team is currently in the leading position.

For the iPad Rally Seefeld we use an especially developed app on the iPads, which is intuitively easy to use. After a short briefing, where the most important rules are explained by our guides, the tablet tour starts. The route can be chosen individually, it is up to you where you want to start and end the iPad Rally Seefeld – you can start at your hotel and end at the dining location for example.

Also, the supporting program can be arranged on an individual basis. If the activity is booked as part of a teambuilding, we recommend additional teambuilding tasks. Our guide gives the group some challenges which should be solved. Afterwards, the experience will be reflected and a relation to the daily office life will be established. Thus, a long-term additional value for your company can be created by combining the fun with the useful. Of course, the results of this task will be incorporated in the electronic evaluation.

If you want to have the iPad Rally Seefeld as a part of a company incentive, we can complement the tour with a delicious tasting on the road. Local cheese products, original Tyrolean bacon or domestic liquor specialities can be tasted. On hot summer days, however, it can also be a delicious ice cream made from Tyrolean milk and fresh fruit. This is the perfect way to learn more about the local culinary art and culture!

Or do you plan to have a teambuilding or incentive in Seefeld? Then the time left for sightseeing is surely short – make the best out of it! The iPad Rally Seefeld is a nice group activity with teambuilding character and also suitable for company outings. This teambuilding is not only the ultimate fun activity, but also shows the most beautiful sites of Seefeld!

What should be considered?

  • The iPad Rally Seefeld lasts approximately 2-3 hours, explanation and award ceremony inclusive
  • One team consists of 8-10 people
  • The tour can be chosen individually, it is flexible and customizable
  • The iPad Rally Seefeld takes place come rain or shine
  • Participants should be dressed appropriately and wear comfortable shoes

Process of the iPad Rally Seefeld:

  • The group is warmly welcomed at the meeting point and split up into teams
  • Our guides explain the app, the iPads and the most important rules
  • The teams start in different directions
  • Along the way, they find hidden places and see the most beautiful sites of Seefeld
  • Challenges and tasks have to be completed in order to get to know the whereabouts of the unicorn
  • The score can be seen live
  • The different groups are interactively connected – they can send messages and play tricks on each other
  • The ceremony takes place as soon as every team reached the goal
  • We will send you the snapshots and videos after the event

Why iPad Rally Seefeld?

  • Seefeld offers a breath-taking location with a huge variety of sports and leisure activities
  • Historical and cultural places of interest can be discovered playfully
  • Countless hiking trails and lakes, which can be implemented into the iPad Rally Seefeld
  • The pedestrian area with the unique village square and the church St. Oswald are surely the most famous sites in Seefeld, but during the tablet tour you also see the lovely secret spots
  • The employees meet in the beautiful alpine region and get to know each other on a different level
  • Specially designed for company events (teambuilding, incentive, company outing, …)
  • Creativity and teamwork are necessary and get promoted
  • All photos and videos are collected and then passed on as a nice reminder to the group
  • Every team member has different strengths which must be combined by the team members in order to win the challenge
  • Additionally, we offer tasting stations and teambuilding activities
  • The iPad Rally Seefeld is multifunctional usable, because duration, route, size of the team and content of the quizzes are individually adaptable


We organize the iPad Rally for your corporate event or leisure group individually throughout Austria. We already have ready-made, reasonable routes in the following locations:


Try the iPad Rally Seefeld with your team! We are happy to receive your request.
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