iPad Rally Vienna

A unique way for sightseeing and teambuilding in Vienna!

You want to get to know Vienna in a relaxed yet exciting way and offer your employees or customers an unforgettable experience? Then the iPad Rally Vienna is exactly what you are looking for! Explore the city with your team and solve fun challenges. Whether it is a private group, company event or works outing – this teambuilding experience is an adventure which will surely be remembered for a long time!

You can individually choose the route in advance. If you want to do the iPad Rally Vienna in the first district, you should not miss the most famous sightseeing spots like the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the marvellous Hofburg or the Mozart Monument! The level of difficulty of the iPad Rally, we can adjust in advance, and tell exciting background stories during the rally. Thus, true “Vienna-Experts” as well as new discoverers get their money's worth. Split up into teams, the participants must solve tricky-witty teambuilding tasks and fun challenges. During the rally, they learn a lot about the buildings and their background.

For this kind of tablet tour we use an especially developed app on the iPads, which is intuitively easy to use. After a short briefing, where the most important rules are explained by our guides, the tablet tour starts. As our guides are positioned in Vienna, they know the city and the secret spots very well. You can choose whether you want to do the iPad Rally Vienna across the historic centre of the town or in a more peripheral area. The duration, route, number of participants, language and content of the quizzes are individually adaptable – therefore the rally is multifunctional usable. In case your time is limited, we also offer an express tour, which lasts 2 hours and contains the most important sights. If there is no time pressure, we recommend a more detailed tour of three to four hours. This can either be arranged as a half day program or be split into forenoon and afternoon.

We offer the digital iPad Rally Vienna in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and further languages. The group should consist of 20 members at least with no upper limit. We can also arrange the program for more than 1.000 people, since the big group gets split up into small teams. Those teams will then start in different directions.

The teambuilding challenges and tasks to be solved vary and can be selected in advance – we can prepare mini games, knowledge questions and photo/video challenges for example. During the iPad Rally Vienna, the team members can not only communicate with the guides via the app but also send messages to the opposing team and place some gags or gadgets. For instance, you can ‘virtually burst’ the tablet screen of the competitors temporary.

If the focus should be less on the sightseeing and more on teambuilding aspect, a shorter route can be chosen for the  iPad Rally Vienna – for example around the hotel or the office building. For this version, we prepare classic teambuilding activities and challenges with regard to different themes, such as integrity, sustainability and innovation. This can also be adapted to your own company values. This way, the team spirit gets strengthened, as the participants can only solve the tasks with teamwork. In order to have everybody working together and not only within the small teams, the last challenge of the iPad Rally Vienna is a task where all the employees have to work together in one large team – the company logo should be created with collected jigsaw pieces or other materials. Afterwards, the experience will be reflected and a relation to the daily office life will be established. Thus, a long-term additional value for your company can be created by combining the fun with the useful!

If you want to have the iPad Rally Vienna as a part of a company incentive, we can complement the tour with a horse-drawn carriage tour or a tasting on the route. Depending on the season, we can offer different Viennese specialities, such as the famous Sacher cake, delicious chestnuts, tasty ice cream or the well-known wine, called ‘Heuriger’! This is the perfect way to learn more about the local culinary art and culture!

The iPad Rally Vienna is a teambuilding that is also suitable as a supporting program for meetings, conferences as customer and employee events. Then the time left for sightseeing and teambuilding activities is surely short – make the best out of it! Explore the beautiful city playfully with this tablet tour and get to know all the interesting facts and sites Vienna has to offer!


What should be considered?

  • Route, duration, number of participants and content can be adapted individually
  • We offer an express route, which contains the most important sights and lasts 2 hours (including explanation and award ceremony)
  • Each team consists of 8-10 people
  • The iPad Rally Vienna takes place come rain or shine
  • Participants should be dressed right for the weather and wear comfortable shoes


Process of the iPad Rally Vienna:

  • The group is warmly welcomed at the meeting point and split up into teams
  • Our guides explain the app, the iPads and the most important rules
  • The teams start in different directions
  • During the  iPad Rally Vienna, the participants come along the most beautiful sites of Vienna
  • Photo and Video Challenges, mini games, riddles and on request teambuilding activities have to be solved in order to win the iPad Rally Vienna
  • The teams are connected interactively, so they can send each other messages and place gags and gadgets
  • The score can be seen live
  • The ceremony takes place as soon as every team reached the goal
  • We will send you the snapshots and videos after the event


Why iPad Rally Vienna?

  • The iPad Rally Vienna offers the possibility to explore the most beautiful sites of Vienna on your own with your team
  • Historical and cultural places of interest can be discovered playfully
  • Specially designed for company events (teambuilding, incentives, company outings, …)
  • Every team member has different strengths which have to be combined by the team members in order to win the challenge
  • The required teamwork strengthens the bond among participants and the company
  • Additionally, we offer tasting stations and teambuilding activities
  • All photos and videos are collected and then sent to you in order to have a nice memory of your stay in beautiful Vienna
  • The tablet tour is the ultimate fun activity that can fit into every schedule, even if your time is limited


We organize the iPad Rally for your corporate event or leisure group individually throughout Austria. We already have ready-made, reasonable routes in the following additional locations:


Try out the iPad Rally Vienna with your team! We are happy to receive your request.
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