Team Development & Coaching

Our trainers and outdoor pedagogues accompany groups not only in team building, they also organize seminars on team development and thus promote the smooth cooperation of all team members. Team coaching ensures a more efficient and pleasant collaboration in a group.

Mastering new tasks can put even the most experienced team facing a difficult challenge. Through new situations, the old structures break up and a group has to re-assemble. This often results in a lack of orientation or even friction points within the group without consciously forcing them to do so. Team development and team coaching are used here. Compared to teambuilding, which is supposed to convey a "we-feeling" to the group and lead to an increase in overall cohesion (see team building), the focus in team development and team coaching is on a concrete problem or a specific topic. Thus, the area of team development and team coaching can also be seen as a build-up and intensification of team building.

"Team development is the process, team coaching the lead measure."

Paragraph: The concept of team development doesn’t describe a single incident or “the one-time instruction” during a unit. Rather, team development can be understood as a process of the group to face new tasks and yet be efficient, goal-oriented and work together.
An essential part of this process is the "phase model of team development" developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. This is divided into five phases that a team runs through during a task or the solution:

  1. Forming - orientation phase
  2. Storming - confrontation phase
  3. Norming - organizational phase
  4. Performing - performance phase
  5. Adjouring - solution phase

The term team coaching describes the professional accompaniment of the group through this process. The team coach helps, guides, moderates and is always available for the group, stimulates and reflects the seen and experienced. The ability of the team to help themselves and to find solutions on their own is always given priority, since this is the goal of the program. The group should regulate and organize itself. Feedback is another important component of team coaching. Only when other team members are explained how the individual has felt during the process or how individual situations have been perceived can an understanding be developed for what might have been different at certain moments. The team coach initiates these feedback sessions at targeted situations and helps the team to organize such feedback rounds in the future.

Team development and team coaching can improve in the following situations:

  • Clarify tasks and roles of the team members
  • Increased self-responsibility of the group members
  • Solving dysfunction
  • Regular occurring or new conflicts in the team
  • Increasing the efficiency of the group

In our individually created team development and team coaching programs, your team is led under professional guidance in a secure environment through this process. Here, too, we focus on sustainability and long-term success so that the group is always prepared for new situations and conflicts have no negative impact on productivity or quality. The rituals worked into the program are always intended to remind the team of what they have learned in their everyday life, thus strengthening the success of the program.

Procedure of the team development and team coaching:

In order to meet the needs of our customers, the team development and team coaching programs are developed individually and in cooperation with our customers.

General points for the execution of such a program are as required:

  • Introductory presentation of existing teams with self-reflection
  • Classification of participants in existing or new teams of different sizes
  • Presentation of the task (s) to be solved by the team (s)

What to consider:

  • Both existing (real) tasks as well as fictive tasks can be solved
  • Duration: at least 1 day, better 2-3 day programs for optimal success
  • Refreshing day units after 3-12 months are useful
  • Indoor and outdoor possible (weather-independent program)

Why Team Development and Team Coaching:

  • Increased self-responsibility of the group members
  • Solving conflicts
  • Solving dysfunction
  • Increase team cohesion ⇒ "Team spirit"
  • Creating mutual trust
  • Increasing empathy
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improve communication / interaction
  • Improve the organization
  • Improve creativity


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