Human Table Soccer

Can you imagine what fun it is to play table football, in which you are the game character in the match?

At the Human Table Soccer Event, soccer fans as well as all other participants will find what their hearts desire. The fun team event is suitable for men and women, activity seekers and relaxed people. Latest by the starting whistle, the teams will be activated to peak performances!

The life-size table soccer is one of three to four stations at the event. To ensure variety during the game breaks, we also build a dribbling course, goal wall shooting and a ball speed measuring device.

The human table soccer works like table soccer, but the guests take over the places of the game figures. On the poles, fabric loops are attached for the players to hold on. If there are two players on one pole, they can only move to the right or to the left as they moving in the same direction. This interdependence often provides great amusement to the players and spectators. The positions of the striker, defender and goalkeeper should be filled in, in order to win the game.

A referee pays attention to the fairness of the game, as the Human Tale Soccer tournament is supposed to be about fair play and fun between the colleagues. The risk of injuries is very low, as the footballers play with a soft ball and the freedom of movement is restricted.

At the sportive event, one can also defy bad weather conditions as we can play indoors in a gym or on artificial grass. The participants do not need to have any football clothes or shoes, but we are happy to get team shirts with the company logo as a reminder of the event.

Finally, the team with the best overall ranking will be the company champion and will be celebrated by the other teams while the official fanfare is being played.

Schedule of the Human Table Soccer Event:

  • Welcome and introduction of the different activities
  • Separation into teams and finding of the start activity
  • First round of the tournament
  • After the last round semi-finals and final
  • Award Ceremony with certificates

What you need to know?

  • Duration: 2-3 hours inclusive explanation and award ceremony
  • Team size: around 10 people, 8 on the playing field and 2 on the bench for replacement
  • Appropriate, sportive clothes
  • As a bad weather program, the hall has to be booked early enough

Why Human Table Soccer?

  • Sportive event for everybody, at any age age and condition
  • Teamwork is essential because you can only win as a team
  • Not only the human table soccer, but also the other activities are a pleasant change to the office life
  • The participants get to know each other in a new surrounding and will build a new relationship through the team sport
  • The communication skills between the teams are strengthened
  • Even if you are not a football fan, this activity is fun


Did we convince you? Consequently send us your request with all relevant information like place, date and number of participants.

For further suggestions for your team event click here. A short preview of the Human Table Soccer Tournament is here:

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