iPad Rally

The iPad Rally is probably the most modern version of a scavenger hunt and leads the teams with the help of a special app to particular places in the city or on the countryside.

The participants answer questions, fulfill amusing photo- and video challenges and discover insider spots in their surroundings. Different strengths of the participants come in action to assert themselves against the other teams and to win the iPad Rally.

The starting- and ending point are arbitrary selectable. The instruction of the iPads is short, as the app is designed very intuitively. The significant element of the app is the map, that displays the next activity each time. Furthermore, different buttons can be found with which they can communicate with the other teams or send them funny gadgets. They can play tricks on each other by sending virtual ghosts or digitally destroy the screen of the iPad. As soon as the teams reach the first challenge and repeated the playing rules, that were explained by our guides before, the second challenge will be displayed on the map.

During the rally, our guides can operate as big brother, hence operator from afar and can see the teams at all times. They can always communicate with the teams via the app.

In the runtime of the game, the participants explore their surroundings and find different tasks that will open on their own when the iPad reaches a certain GPS coordinate. The challenges include insider information as well as interesting multiple choice questions, tricky treasures and amusing photo- and video challenges. A challenge could be, for example, to perform a current music hit or to take a team selfie in front of a special landmark. These challenges are fun on the one hand and encourage creativity on the other hand. By interacting at the different stations the team members break down barriers.

First senses of achievement will be experienced by the teams fast, as they get a feedback immediately after answering a question. Moreover, the pictures and videos are judged by a jury in real time and the teams can always see the score of the opponents.

The iPad Rally is variously applicable. The duration, team size, place and aim of the event can be individually adjusted. As a teambuilding, we can include according activities, that are supervised by a team trainer. As a city tour, we pack insider knowledge into an exciting rally and integrate a degustation of a traditional dish like the Sachertorte or local schnapps- or cheese specialties. As an Ice-Breaker we send the teams through the city and give them a meaningful method to get from a to b or from the hotel to the dinner location. We also carried out the iPad Rally indoors, to get to know a sophisticated, newly build office complex.

As a multi-media challenge, the iPad Rally will motivate the team to reach their maximum power in a diverse and exciting way.

Schedule of the iPad Rally:

  • Welcome and distribution into teams
  • Explanation of the iPads and most important rules by our guides
  • Start of the iPad Rally and completing the challenges in teams
  • Reaching the end destination and awarding
  • Presentation of the funniest photos and videos

What to keep in mind / What you need to know

  • Duration: 2-3 hours inclusive explanation, rally and award ceremony
  • Team size: around 8-10 people
  • The rally can be implemented indoors (e.g. for the opening of an office building) and outdoor
  • The participants should wear comfortable shoes and clothes that fit the weather conditions

Why iPad Rally?

  • Encourages communication in the team, as the challenges can only be solved by applying the different strengths of the team members
  • Modern version of a scavenger hunt or team trophy
  • Variously applicable: on the countryside or in the city, for big or small groups, start and end are
  • individually customizable, adaptable to the aim of the event
  • Works well in combination with further programs like the escape room or a factory tour with limited number of participants
  • Creativity and common knowledge are simultaneously demanded and promoted
  • The pictures and videos taken serve as a reminder of the event and will be a topic of conversation long after the event
  • Break down of barriers between the team members while the photo- and video challenges or at the teambuilding activities
  • The participants get to know each other in a new setting
  • Welding together of the teams by competing together at the challenges and motivating each other to win as well as by the common senses of achievement during the rally
  • Can be used as an instrument to train the employees, as the questions may be given by the client and may have a teaching background


We organize the iPad Rally for your corporate event individually throughout Austria. We already have ready-made, reasonable routes in the following locations:


In case you are looking for additional ideas for your teambuilding event, please click here. Below you will find a short video about the iPad Rally: 

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