Biathlon Team Event

During biathlon, endurance, but also focus and a steady hand are of importance. The participants get to know a modern and very exciting kind of winter sport.

First, they absolve a small round. In the first round the pulse goes often very high. During the subsequent shooting accuracy is required. In doing so, the pulse should not reach very high levels, because if the participants do not hit the targets, they must run the equivalent number of penalty circuits. Thereof the special excitement of the discipline biathlon results.

Biathlon has become a popular magnet for major events in the last few years. At the Laser Biathlon Team Event, the participants can try this certain kind of sports themselves and experience the excitement at first hand. Already on prehistoric rock paintings, one could find paintings of huntsman with bow and arrow on improvised skis. Today, biathlon is an Olympic discipline and the technique is perfected to the smallest detail.

The biathlon can be performed as a fun biathlon with laser guns. But it is also possible to dive further into matter. For this, the German Olympic medalist Ernst Reiter accompanies us at the event. For small groups, it is also possible to try this trend sport with real small-caliber guns on a closed shooting range and under professional guidance in the jumping stadium of Seefeld / Tyrol.

To manage the cross-country skis at all, the participants initially get an introduction and may familiarize themselves with the small bars. After a few balancing exercises the guests learn the special cross-country technique and breaking. In case the guests do not get along with them, they switch to snow shoes and can also participate at the event.

The same principle is valid for the handling of the laser guns. After an exact instruction, the participants make the first trial shots with the laser guns. That way, they quickly learn the handling and become more and more accurate. Solely like that, they can later avoid unnecessary loss of time by penalty circuits.

After the division into teams, the starting signal sounds for the first relay race. During the team competition, the participants motivate each other and encourage themselves to peak performances. Our moderator and DJ provide additional stadium atmosphere. Only the participants, who stay concentrated until the finish line, will leave the trail as the winning team.

At the awarding, the funniest and most exciting moments will be told. The winning team is honored with certificates and requested to come forward for the winning photo.

Schedule of the Laser Biathlon Team Event:

  • Welcome and introduction to biathlon
  • Briefing and trial rounds on cross-country skis, followed by a test shooting
  • Relay race start with electronical time measurement
  • Evaluation of the team results and awarding

What to keep in mind / What you need to know?

  • Duration: 2-3 hours inclusive explanation, relay race and award ceremony
  • Team size: around 8 to 10 people
  • Weather suiting and winter sportswear
  • The event can only be realized in accordance with the appropriate snow conditions

Why Laser Biathlon Team Event?

  • Unique kind of exercise in the fresh air
  • A special combination from skill, endurance and precision is demanded
  • Biathlon is a rather new kind of sports and until today not easy to book as a trial course
  • A special team experience where excitement and action are provided
  • Community experience connects one another and creates additional ties with the company


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