Bobsleigh ride in the ice channel

Are you fascinated by adrenaline kicks, high speed and nerve tickles? And did you always want to know how it feels flipping down an ice channel like an athlete of the Olympics?

With us you have the chance to experience exactly this unique experience in a bobsleigh ride in the world-famous Innsbruck-Igls ice-canal! It is truly an indescribable feeling to descend the ice channel with a top speed of up to 115 km / h, because every unevenness passes through the whole body. Together with experienced pilots the guests will reach the goal after a spectacular ride and receive a certificate as proof of their bravery.

Before the trip in the Olympic Ice Channel, the participants meet for the inspection of the track and are greeted warmly there. Then we start with an informative walk along the track to the start of the descent. On the way up, the participants will learn about historical facts and information about the track. The tension rises, in a few moments, they will enjoy 1,270m of artificial ice rink and 14 turns including a roundabout at a breathtaking speed in the Bob's ride.

At the start, the guests get an introduction to the racing bob from a professional and receive a safety helmet for their safety. At the guest bob ride, 5 guests sit together in the bob with one pilot. At the even faster racing bob ride, always two guests will sit together in the original race bob with one pilot and one breaker.

Then it's time. On your marks, get set, go! During the ride, the guests will feel the centrifugal forces, that press them into the bob. Especially in the roundabout, the g-forces have an effect. At the bottom, the participants are filled with adrenaline with smiling faces and wait for their co-workers. As soon as all have reached the finish line, we will drink a toast to the bravery of the participants with prosecco and award them with certificates.

Here are some interesting facts: The differences between the race bob and the guest bob are on one hand the diverse bobs and on the other hand the starting position. The race bobs start from the men’s start and reach top speeds from 115 km/h through 14 turns. The guest bobs start from the women’s start and slide down the channel with top speeds of around 90 km/h and through 10 turns with a maximum height of 7m.

The installed cooling pipes with a total length of 80 km ensure, that the 5500 m² of artificial ice are available from beginning of December until the beginning of March.

A program full of adrenalin that will stay in the heads of the guests for a long time!

Schedule of the bobride in the ice channel:

  • Welcome of the participants at the ice channel
  • Inspection of the track and background info about the track and bob riding
  • Alternatively, the guests can be transferred to the start with trucks
  • Groups with 2 or 5 people will the formed and will prepare on the starting position where they receive helmets
  • Bobride for all participants
  • Toasting with prosecco and awarding with certificates

What you need to know?

  • Bob dates can be reconfirmed after the bob calendar is finished in autumn
  • Nevertheless, short term changes due to the competition calendar or weather conditions are possible
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or people with back problems
  • The guests should wear clothes that suit the weather plus gloves

Why bobride in the ice channel?

  • The adrenalin rush promises to stay in the heads of the participants for a long time
  • The participants are connected by an intensive, adrenalin loaded adventure, that certainly serves as a topic of conversation
  • The program takes place on a world-famous Olympic sports venue
  • The bob run allows you to expand your comfort zone


Show courage in the adventure and send us your request for this spectacular event.

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