Snow Speed Competition

Anyone who loves action, fun and snow will surely enjoy oneself at the Snow Speed Competition. At the Winter Fun Event, the teams have the unique opportunity to test various snow sports equipment such as snow carts, snow bikes, ski boots, snowmobiles, ground squirrels, remote-controlled buggies, mini bobs or snow skates, and to prove their team spirit.

Surrounded by a fantastic mountain scenery and plenty of snow, the teams have the exciting task of achieving the highest number of points on each course. Especially for company events where "action" is in a secure environment required, this highlight shouldn’t be missed. Here, team spirit, skill, and good communication are needed in order to master every challenge well.

To ensure that all teams are busy at the same time and that all snow sports equipment can be tested, the activities take place in various stations. In addition to the activities, there is also a place of relaxation, where the participants can enjoy a snow bar with refreshments and snacks. On request also a Winter Lounge with deck chairs can be built.

The event begins with groovy music and a warm welcome to the participants. After a brief introduction to the program, the participants are divided into teams and given the first task - to find a team name and battle cry! Afterward, all activities and sports equipment will be explained and demonstrated by the guides.

And finally the fun can begin. All teams start at their first station and do their very best to earn the most points. Everyone will be inspired by the fun music and people laugh, cheer and clap. At each station, there are new challenges to master and team members can demonstrate their different skills. In the final round, everyone tries to get as many points as possible.
After the challenge, participants enjoy hot drinks, snacks at the snow bar and sit back in the deck chairs at the Winter Lounge before the award ceremony will begin.

Depending on your preference, the award ceremony will take place shortly afterward or it will be combined with an evening event. After the event, the best teams will be
rewarded and honored with certificates. We also gladly organize prizes such as trophies or giveaways such as yodeling teddy bears, hand-carved wood edelweiss or nobly designed flasks, with high-percentage content.


Schedule of the Snow Speed Competition:

  • Welcoming the participants, issuing the start numbers and division into teams
  • Presentation of the teams with team names and jingles
  • Explanation and presentation of the activities through a demo run by our guides
  • Division of teams into their respective starting activity
  • Completing all activities of the Snow Speed Competition
  • Evaluation of activities and award ceremony


What should be considered?

  • Duration: 2.5-3h including explanation, activities and award ceremony
  • Participants should wear warm winter clothing and winter shoes adapted to the weather
  • The event can be carried out in higher winter sports resorts or in the valley and in suitable snow conditions


Why Snow Speed Competition?

  • For anyone who loves speed
  • Safety is in the foreground: Experienced guides look after the stations, helmets are provided by us.
  • Binding employees or customers to the company
  • A sporting event out in nature
  • Action & Fun in the snow


We are happy to organize this winter team event for you! Fill out the form and submit your personal request.

Here you can find more information about team events in summer and winter. Now a brief introduction to the Snow Speed Competition:

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