Snow Rafting

Everyone who loves the special kick and is adventurous should definitely try out Snow Rafting. Imagine you are sitting in a rafting boat with a small group of people and instead of drifting in the river, you whiz down the snow slope with a helmsman.

Snow Rafting is ideal as an incentive for your employees or a customer event, as it welds your teams together and makes it an unforgettable fun outdoor adventure.

After a short introduction to Snow Rafting, we start our journey up the mountain. The small team of up to five participants is pulled up the slope in a rafting boat with a snowmobile. The tension is increasing and the participants can‘t wait to enjoy the about 300-meter long descent.

Then it's finally time, as soon as the boot reaches the top of the mountain, the ride into the valley starts. The ski instructor is connected to the rafting boat by a rope. He sets the direction and controls the speed of the boat in order to ensure that anyone without prior knowledge can enjoy the adventure. For the extra kick, big waves and natural jumps of more than 40 km / h are mastered on the trip. Once in the valley, there are hot and cold drinks waiting for the group in the bar and a groovy music creates a good atmosphere.

For larger groups, we also set up other exciting winter activities such as snow carts, snow bikes, ski bockerl, snow fox, mini bobs or snow skates to entertain all participants. If you want to surprise your employees or customers an additional highlight, we recommend the "Winter Lounge". On request, deck chairs with cuddly skins, fire pits and small snacks are set up. Thus, in addition to fun and action, there also will be taken care of the relaxation of the participants.


Schedule of the snow rafting:

  • Welcoming the participants and divided into teams
  • Explanation of the activities by our guides
  • Drive up with the snowmobile and boat, the boat is suspended at the top and the approx. 300m long ride begins. The ski instructor steers and slows down the rafting boat.
  • Hot and cold drinks at the bar
  • Après ski music on request


What should be considered?

  • Duration: approx. 1h including an explanation of Snow Rafting
  • Team size: 4-5 people per boat, depending on snow conditions
  • Participants should wear warm winter clothing and winter shoes adapted to the weather
  • The event can only take place in Seefeld and only after closing time, which means from 17:00 o'clock


Why snow rafting?

  • Ideal incentive activity, as anyone without previous knowledge can join
  • Rafting down the slope is an unforgettable experience
  • Binding employees or customers to the company
  • Also possible as après ski program or before dinner
  • Also suitable as part of a teambuilding by appropriate selection of activities


We are happy to organize this winter team event for you! Fill out the form and submit your personal request.

Here you can find more information about team events in summer and winter. Now a brief introduction to the Snow Rafting event:


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