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Teambuilding - Achieving great things together

Imagine a motivated team with a strong drive towards a common goal and successfully implementing projects. A team in which every employee likes to go to work, because he can contribute his skills and support each other in the team to grow above themselves. This vision can also be a reality in your company with the help of teambuilding measures.

In our teambuilding programs in Innsbruck, Seefeld, Kitzbuehel and many other destinations, the participants learn to unite in a pleasant atmosphere and with a large portion of fun outside office hours. Afterwards, the findings can be transferred to their daily work. You can be sure that the motivation of the employees will be strengthened and will continue for a long time.

Especially in modern times, working in small or large teams is an essential part of successfully realizing new projects and goals. In order to make this collaboration as productive, efficient and enjoyable as possible, the team must be goal-oriented, organized and motivated.

We support your employees with the help of targeted and individually adapted teambuilding measures, team development programs and team coaching.

You can find information on this page on the following topics:

  • What is Teambuilding?

  • Why you should think about teambuilding measures?

  • Sample programs for your teambuilding in Tyrol

If you would like to learn more about team development and team coaching, we have detailed information for you.

What is Teambuilding?

Every day, we are faced with new tasks, whether on a professional or everyday basis. In order to master these tasks, we must work together with our fellow human beings, communicate and organize ourselves. We work in the team. Since this often leads to conflicts of different kinds, it is all the more important to focus on the subject in a targeted and structured way and to adjust to its fellow human beings. However, such processes must first be learned and, above all, internalized in order to be able to recall them situational.

Teambuilding programs in a variety of ways help shape both new and old teams in these challenges. Both the whole group and the individual team members benefit from the measures because we ensure that the team is able to try out in a trusting environment and to gain experience. Problems are solved together and different solutions are found. Subsequently, the experience gained in dealing with the group is reflected by professional leadership and transferred to the workplace. This enables a sustainable and holistic increase of each team member.

"If we do not work together, we will not find a solution to our problems." (Dalai Lama)

One of the most important ingredients for a successful teambuilding is the fun of the event. With ease and joy the team can grow together and develop a "we-feeling". Each individual combines the accumulated positive experiences with the group or the company. This common experience creates cohesion and mutual trust.

The main objectives of teambuilding programs are:

  • Increase team cohesion ⇒ Develop "team spirit"
  • Creating mutual trust
  • Increasing empathy
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improve communication / interaction
  • Improve the organization
  • Improve creativity

Why should you think about teambuilding?

"To train new colleagues again and again is tedious, annoying and time-consuming! In the past everything was easier - the colleagues were still loyal and committed. Today the young people have no desire to work and remaining faithful to a company is completely alien to them ... "

One way or another, one could sum up the suffering of the loyal and dedicated workforce. However, to yearn for past times and to regret current developments will not lead to anything in the long term. The fact is that new generations of workers are growing up. These "tick" differently from their grandparents and parents, have a different understanding of work and place leisure time, a fulfilled private life with sufficient time for family, friends and their own hobbies in the forefront.

Teambuilding serves the development of the workforce, promotes cohesion and increases the commitment to the company. A strong "we-feel" of all employees combined with clear communication and mutual trust is the basis for realizing projects and goals of all kinds.

Below we provide you with a few ideas for teambuilding programs. For team development and team coaching please get in touch with us and send us your individual inquiry here.

Sample programs for your group:

Whether for summer or winter, we have the right and suitable teambuilding program with different teambuilding activities, tasks and exercises for every season. Our outdoor educators will find the right location in Innsbruck, Kitzbuehel, Seefeld in Tirol or further away. Find here suggestions for your Teambuilding in Tyrol:

Teambuilding Summer

  • iPad Rally: an exciting scavenger hunt in teams, using an iPad through the city or on land.
  • Film-Workshop: create together like a real filmmaking team a funny film with subsequent gala and Academy Award.
  • Human Table Soccer: an exciting table football match where the participants are the game figures.
  • Geocaching: track hidden treasures using GPS devices and roadbooks.
  • Summer Games: Pure "Summer Feeling" with diverse activities.
  • Mountain Challenge: Scavenger Hunt the other way round with spectacular activities and stunning nature.

Teambuilding Winter

  • Winter Games: lots of fun in the snow with exciting winter activities and teambuilding activities as well as subsequent awarding of prizes.
  • Laser biathlon: getting to know a modern sport with cross-country skis and laser guns
  • Bobsleigh ride in the ice channel: ride like an Olympic athlete the ice channel
  • Trapper Day: with dog sledging workshop, building igloo, learning survival skills and snowshoeing
  • Snow Rafting: to slide down a ski piste with a rafting boat is an unforgetable adventure.
  • Snow Speed Competition: Get excited with various vehicles on secured courses.


We organize the iPad Rally for your corporate event individually throughout Austria. We already have ready-made, reasonable routes in the following locations:

We offer teambuilding activities for your teambuilding event all over Tyrol. Please ask for our special packages:

  • Teambuilding Seefeld/Tirol
  • Teambuilding Innsbruck
  • Teambuilding Kitzbühel
  • Teambuilding Sölden/Ötztal
  • Teambuilding St. Anton/Arlberg


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